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Ashford & Surrey Shutters enjoys helping people across Surrey to choose shutters that transform their homes. Discover our shutter styles and materials and we’re sure you’ll find something to fall in love with.

Tier on Tier

Tier on Tier Shutters. Like Full Height style, the Tier on Tier style covers the whole height of the window.

Having independent panels on the top and bottom half of the window means you can open the whole top half of the shutter panels, while leaving the bottom half of the shutter panels closed against your windows.

Full Height Shutters

A full height shutter is ideal for privacy control and maximising the amount of light with closed shutters.

The design that is commonly used across a standard window, with two panels, would open like a pair of cupboard doors (one to the left and one to the right) or bi-folding panels.

Bi-Fold Shutters

Bi-Fold shutters can be folded back along the track whereas Bi-Pass shutters slide in front or behind each other. Whatever the length of your window or wall space span we can supply track shutters to fit any space .

By-Pass Shutters are made by sliding shutter panels that also operate on a track. They can be made to measure for any space and fit seamlessly with any colour or room design

Café style shutters

Café style shutters are also a stylish way to keep out unwanted attention from your living space, screening off your interiors, meaning you can enjoy privacy and bright sunshine, all in one

Aluminium Security Shutters

Porchester Security Shutters. The new aluminium Portchester Range of security shutters delivers safety and style in equal measures. It offers an additional layer of window protection if you want to enhance home security, but don’t wish to compromise on elegance.

The aluminium shutter comes with a tamper proof lock and key perfect for summer evenings at home giving you piece of mind whilst you sleep with the windows open.

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